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Brand: Advance


  • 4.0


Advance-kites is pleased to present it's 4m school kite! Since the starting plans of R&D the target was clear: design a kite that would fly with light wind, that would give the beginner the idea of how a bigger kite can be used, but without being too powered up! This kite has these characteristics - it's amazing how friendly and easy to fly it is, it turn like a 12m in15knots, but without its power! For school kites it's important to start a lesson with a few knots, but at the same time have a kite that works well, and show how a bigger kite can respond!

The PRK4m can also fly with strong wind whilst still maintaining the same fluidity and softness at the bar - another important thing is that this kite has constant power in all the window, so won't scare the rider with sudden uncontrollable power! 4m trainer allow the 5th line!



Advance PRK 2008 1.jpeg

Advance PRK 2008 2.jpeg

Advance PRK 2008 3.jpeg



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