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Inexperienced riders are stressed by passing other riders, or getting passed by experienced riders who fly their kite very close to your own. That is normally no problem, if you act accordingly and don't do anything no one would anticipate. This is key when passing some and their kites.

Never steer your kite quickly in a way, no one anticipates it. This can lead to very dangerous situations.

Moving Riders

Make sure to know the rules of Right of Way when you go riding. This already explains how you should behave if a rider comes towards you on the same upwind course.

Two riders can pass each other without any problems. Both just need to know what exactly to do.

The normal rules are:

  • the kiter further upwind flies his kite high and stays on his course
  • the kiter further downwind flies the kite low and corrects his course a bit downwind if needed to avoid any collision

It is important, that once you fly your kite high or low, you try to keep that kite position, so both kites can pass. If you suddenly move your kite, you can cause many problems.

If you see, that the kites are coming close, you can slowly steer it away from the other kite, but make sure to keep riding and not steer it to another direction.

Standing Riders

It happens quiet often, that kiters are standing still with their kite high up in the sky.

These are:

  • beginners who are learning
  • someone with a gear failure
  • someone recovering from a crash
  • someone relaxing

When you approach a kite high up in the sky, you should know before you pass the kite, what kind of rider the one in the water is.

Ride slowly towards the rider and make sure you have enough distance to pass the other one's kite.

Be aware, that when you fly your kite above someone else's kite, you will need to fly it high, and this way you cannot edge anymore and you will ride downwind, which may lead to a crash with the standing rider.

The standing rider should keep his kite on one position, or slowly fly the kite to one side, so the moving rider can easily pass without getting into danger.

Make sure that you pass no beginners downwind, since it can happen easily, that they crash their kite on you. Before passing a beginner downwind, you should either wait until he is up and riding again, but the best is to do a turn and go to the other direction and try to go further upwind to pass the beginner with more distance, upwind of him.

Relaunching or Upwind Bodydragging

Read here if you want to pass someone Relaunching or Upwind Bodydragging