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It is a toeside back to blind with an air pass.

How To

1. Take speed and pop to toeside.

2. Unhook and start immediately with edging. If you wait to long it’s harder to pop, because you will lose speed.

3. The pop from toeside is pretty difficult in the beginning, you need to make sure that you keep the whole rail of the board in the water when you pop off.

4. Now you pop off and you make the same movement as the BBAP. Only now your board can go straight up, because you already made the first 180 (started from toeside).

5. After you passed the bar it’s important that you keep your knees bend, especially in the beginning because it is hard to get any height

6. You need to land toeside otherwise it’s not a “real” Pete Rose, even that it’s harder to land heelside.


  • Attach your leash above your chicken loop, this prevents that your leash gets stuck around your harness hook.
  • If your kite moves to much or if you have difficulty with passing the bar, put your depower line between wise and middle finger from your pass hand.


Bas Koole

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