Phantom 2009

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Brand: North


  • 141x45.5
  • 156x45.5


Phantom 141x45

The small Phantom is all about freestyle performance in the lightest wind. A symmetrical and extremely straight outline gives the small Phantom great early planing abilities. More freestyle oriented than it‘s bigger brother, the small Phantom is a performance twin tip aimed at giving you great light wind abilities without compromising freestyle performance. Our carbon light-wood construction gives you the highest standards of flex and comfort.

Phantom 154x45

The Phantom is an early planing, light-wind weapon! A squarish outline and negative side-cut on the heel-side edge give you plenty of back foot leverage to fly upwind in light air. Utilizing our high-end carbon light-wood construction, the Phantom is smooth and responsive. Our best light-air twin tip, the Phantom will get you out on the water when most people are sitting on the beach waiting for wind.


  • Light Wind Weapon
  • Early Planning
  • Best Up Wind Performance
  • Asymetric Outline
  • Carbon Light Woodcore
  • Stiff Flex



Phantom 2009 1.png


Sky Solbach Interview


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