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Brand: Cabrinha


  • 146x46


The Plasma is our new, dedicated light wind board design. The design brief was centered on making a board that would be ridden in the threshold conditions of 10-12 knots. We not only wanted a board which would plane quickly but would deliver a high level of performance suited for light wind riding.

The result is a lightweight twin tip design with a wider, parallel outline and off center 3-D section and foot positioning. The PVC core Plasma has excellent tracking abilities and knack for getting a rider upwind in marginal conditions.The Plasma comes standard with the new Sync Backless Binding.


  • Light Wind Performance Design
  • Single Concave Bottom
  • Offset 3D Section
  • PVC Core
  • Sync Backless Bindings
  • Offset Footstrap Position
  • ABS Sidewalls

Board Component Pack

  • Four 45mm Wake Fins
  • Sync Backless Bindings
  • Grab Handle

Sync - Backless Binding


The Sync Backless Binding is an entirely new approach to creating a positive connection between rider and board. The Sync connection is so advanced that it transcends the traditional footstrap category and enters the binding realm. Stopping short of a full binding, the Sync delivers the type of support you’d expect from a binding with the ease of use of a footstrap.

The Sync is a fully integrated, featherweight binding and footpad. The Sync binding delivers support over a greater part of the top and sides of your foot than a traditional footstrap. This creates the most comfortable and positive kiteboarding connection available today. The wide Dynema laces not only adjust the size of the binding, they conform the binding to the shape of your foot.

Each subtle shift of your weight directly transfers the energy into the board for immediate response and control. The newly formed footpad conforms to the shape of your sole to cradle your foot. The multi derometer EVA provides a cush but supportive platform to protect from those hard, flat landings.

The Sync Backless Binding attaches to your board in seconds. The adjustable footplate even allows you to choose your stance angle between +/- 12 degrees.The easy entry of the Sync opens the door for a quick entry and exit at any kitesurfing location. The lightweight, backless binding delivers the type of control and comfort needed for hitting sliders or throwing down freestyle tricks for hours on end.


  • Increased support for the side and top of your foot
  • Lace adjustment to conform the binding to your foot
  • Soft neoprene interior for comfortable fit
  • Multi Derometer EVA for a soft but supportive footpad
  • Easy attachment with +/- 12 degrees of angle adjustment


Product PDF

Product PDF

Sync Backless Bindings - Manual Video


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Sync Bindings 2009 Promo Video


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