Power Freestyle 2007

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Brand: Noseboard


  • 135x42
  • 130x40


Riders of advanced and intermediate level. Board that combines the best characteristics from the different styles of shape. Unique in its type .With characteristics of a freeride style board but whit the intermediate stance as a wakeboard, aloud a superior capacity of landing potentiality hand workings. Its nominal extensiveness in relation with a curve shape, determinate a fast board, comfortable and easy work for freestyle/ freeride.

Excellent performance on waves and chop. Ready for every kind of spot, every kind of work.

Thermo sandwich snowboard construction: Provides a resistant and good flexing board.




Power Freetstyle 2007 1.jpg

Power Freetstyle 2007 2.jpg

Power Freetstyle 2007 3.jpg



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