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Brand: Cabrinha



The Powerdrive 221 [PULLEY] Control System features a 2 to 1 purchase on the depower. The pulleys enable double the range of depower, and effectively increase feedback to the kite. The Powerdrive 221 gives the rider the feeling of a much larger bar in turning.

The new Powerdrive 221 control system is a study in refinement. Its streamlined rigging offers a much cleaner operation that works seamlessly with the 2nd generation Cabrinha bow kites (consult compatibility chart). The reduced diameter center section offers a more positive hand feel with all-new, softer EVA grip now completely covering the bar.

Additionally, the power adjusters have been integrated into the Override™ stopper unit – which keeps them aligned with the depower line reducing the chances of tangling. And it now comes complete with our Bypass leash.

PD221-2007 Overview.jpg


Bar compatibility 07 08-sma.jpg


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