Powerdrive 2N1 S 2008

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Brand: Cabrinha


  • 45
  • 50
  • 55


The 2N1 S control system quickly con­verts from the 2:1 pulley mode to the 1:1 non pulley mode. When in 2:1 mode the pulley system increases the effects of your steering and depowering input.


The Powerdrive™ 2N1 S can be ridden with a kite in either the pulley (2:1) or non-pulley (1:1) mode depending on your riding preference.


The CAS line extenders keep the adjustment of the centerline adjustment strap within easy reach at all time. The added bungee in the line helps to keeps the extenders free from tangling with your leaders by keeping them parallel with the centerline.


The new Override™ stopper has been re-designed for more positive engagement and disengagement. The new internal catch mechanism is now mechanical instead of friction-based. It makes re-setting Override onto its sleeve a snap. Literally! The external shape of Override 2™ accom­plishes two things. First, the new ergonom­ics allow for a much better grip on the fitting when re-setting it onto its sleeve. Secondly the design integrates the CAS Power Adjust­ers for a much cleaner and more streamline operation of the kite’s trim. We’ve added elastic to the Power Adjusters so that they maintain positive tension no matter where they are positioned.


The Powerdrive 1:1 control system now implements our new forged alloy center section with an expanded en­try and exit opening for the depower line. This feature increases the ease of bar movement over the depower line even at extreme angles.


The quick release can be used to separate the rider from their kite. Note: If the Bypass leash is con­nected above the QR they must also activate the QR on the Bypass leash to fully separate from the kite.


The leash interface ball protects the base of the control bar from the Bypass leash clip when connected above the QR.


We have reduced the diameter of the control bar and have softened the EVA grip for a more hand friendly feel.


An inline stainless steel swivel has been added to allow the rider to manually un-spin any twists in their front lines.


The Bypass leash can be connected directly to the harness loop or above the QR handle. When connected above the QR handle the rider must also activate the QR on the Bypass leash to fully separate from the kite.

INCLUDES: • Harness Loop • Security Pin • Line Managers • Bar Floats • 22M line set


  • 14m 55cm POWERDRIVE 2N1 S
  • 12m 55cm POWERDRIVE 2N1 S
  • 11m 50cm POWERDRIVE 2N1 S
  • 9m 50cm POWERDRIVE 2N1 S
  • 7m 45cm POWERDRIVE 2N1 S

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Trim Tips

Line Stretch

Cabrinha front lines stretch 2 to 3 inches more than the back in the first 2 or 3 sessions out and 5 to 6 inches over the first season. This spring I've advised at least half a dozen people to check their lines after watching their kites back stall with the bar pulled in. In all cases the front lines were 5 to 6 inches longer and most people had no idea what I was talking about. Several said it was like getting a new kite when they were fixed.

It takes 5 minutes to check but if you are flying a Cab you will have this problem. Hook the lines up to a solid object, with the bar pulled in all the way the lines should be an equal length. The easiest way to fix it is to isolate the back lines one at a time and stretch them to the same length as the front.