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Brand: Cabrinha




The Intelligent Depower System (IDS) provides an amazing level of control with minimum rider effort and input. IDS is a simplified bridle and control system exclusive to Cabrinha. IDS produces virtually no bar pressure while delivering precise control of the steering and power of your kite.

IDS is so intuitive that it seamlessly provides 2 stages of depower. Interactive Depower on Demand while riding, and an Absolute Depower method to land your kite. Absolute Depower functions similar to a 5th line system, but without the complexity of the unnecessary 5th line. Our IDS equipped kites use only 4 lines for a simple, uncluttered method of control and security. Additionally, the IDS bridle maintains all of the instant relaunch functionality the Cabrinha kites are famous for.


The Powerdrive IDS is equipped to take advantage of our new Intelligent Depower System features. With Powerdrive IDS you now have complete control of your kite whether it is flying powered up, or resting completely depowered on the water or land. Our two stage depower works like this:

Depower on Demand: 1st stage depower

Depower on demand allows the rider to interactively power and depower the kite. By pushing the control bar away from the rider the kite depowers. When the bar is near its stopping point, the kite will depower and immediately begin to fall from the sky. It will land on the water or land with very little power or pull on the rider.

Absolute Depower: 2nd stage depower

By activating Absolute Depower, the kite will flip onto its back and diffuse any remaining power left in the kite. This is especially useful when self landing a kite on the water or land.




Soft EVA Bar Ends

The Powerdrive IDS is the only bar on the market with soft EVA multifunction ends.

The EVA ends create a seamless transition from the center of the grip all the way to the ergonomic, protective ends. This provides added comfort when doing aggressive turns at the ends of the bar. The ergonomic geometry of the bar ends also serve as line winders to adequately manage your line set.

Lower Pivot Point

The soft EVA ends have allowed us to lower the pivot point of the steering lines right down to the bar. This reduces the turning impulse required to steer your kite.


The EVA bar ends have sufficient buoyancy to float the control bar and lines, allowing us to eliminate the cumbersome external floats for an even more streamline, uncluttered look and feel.

No Pulleys

The new Powerdrive IDS control system is completely void of any pulleys. The IDS equipped kites all work on a direct 1:1 method of control. This produces virtually no bar pressure, and leaves the bar free of added lines and pulleys.

Proven Quick Release

Industry leading QR. Safety is and integral part of the Cabrinha design culture. This is why we have used the same quick release method for three years running. Our quick release has very little moving parts and is not susceptible to salt or sand. We do not try to make our QR perform any other function than to “Quickly Release”. It is easy to activate with a right or left hand, whether the kite has power or not. Its simple.....Time tested.....Proven.


If at anytime during the Absolute Depower process (after the main QR has been activated) you need to completely separate yourself from your kite, you can pull the secondary QR where the landing line attaches to the harness loop.


  • New Streamlined Design. Less clutter
  • Below the Bar IDS activation
  • Soft EVA Bar Ends
  • Quick Link
  • Lower Pivot Point
  • No Pulleys
  • Left / Right designation. Red and Gray coloring


Product PDF

[ 09 Xbow Press Release]


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Photo Credits: Pete Cabrinha


IDS 2009 Promo Video


Trim Tips

Line Stretch

Cabrinha front lines stretch 2 to 3 inches more than the back in the first 2 or 3 sessions out and 5 to 6 inches over the first season. This spring I've advised at least half a dozen people to check their lines after watching their kites back stall with the bar pulled in. In all cases the front lines were 5 to 6 inches longer and most people had no idea what I was talking about. Several said it was like getting a new kite when they were fixed.

It takes 5 minutes to check but if you are flying a Cab you will have this problem. Hook the lines up to a solid object, with the bar pulled in all the way the lines should be an equal length. The easiest way to fix it is to isolate the back lines one at a time and stretch them to the same length as the front.