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Brand: JN


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JN hybrid concept - focus on freestyle & wave.

PRIMA DONNA 2 is a dedicated Freestyle and powerful Wave kite built to live up to all expectations. Constant pull and a steady position in the wind window make it easier to learn new tricks. There will be no more never-ending training times; with PRIMA DONNA 2, riders will achieve their aim significantly faster. PRIMA DONNA 2 is made for high jumps. Its perfect balance prevents backstalling, and if riders should unintentionally under-jump the kite’s zenith, the kite’s leeward tendency will stabilise it. Unlike other kites, PRIMA DONNA 2 remains stable in almost every position, and even during massive kiteloops the pressure point will not shift or cause interference. PRIMA DONNA 2 also features a bar-feedback as yet unheard of – a completely new and revolutionary achievement that makes this a totally trustworthy kite in all kinds of positions and situations. Constant pull makes for good waveriding. Even with its adjuster completely depowered or with riders going downwind towards the kite, PRIMA DONNA 2 is still sensitive to every steering impulse and turns as smoothly as usual. This gives riders more freedom, they can afford to take their eyes off the kite for a second and concentrate on riding steep, smooth waves.

JN’s hybrid kite design without bridles was fully implemented on PRIMA DONNA 2. A wider depower range, rounded tips, auto-stability and straight lines are essential features of this modern wave and freestyle kite. With both a low wind and a high wind option, riders can make the most of the widest reasonable wind range. The kite’s adjustable, exactly trimmed fifth line is a must for safety, so riders can control PRIMA DONNA 2 even with one single line. The fifth line is also a handy means for a quick and easy re-launch. When jumping and flying high in the sky, PRIMA DONNA 2 will remind riders of its predecessor –like meeting an old friend again after a long time: very fast turning, perfect bar pressure and smooth power delivery. PRIMA DONNA 2 is also an excellent kite for those who prefer riding unhooked, with reassuring feedback from the bar and a stable kite that loads up nicely for popped moves and has a perfect kiteloop pressure.


  • JN hybrid concept for better performance and efficiency
  • JN engineered auto-stable and pure canopy design
  • ‘round arc shape’ of main tube-segments for optimised air flow
  • ‘floating batten’ system to enhance air flow and reduce weight
  • special tip design with low wind/high wind option
  • adjustable 5th line for better handling and safety
  • excellent quality and tested new features to enhance kite lifespan


  • a powerful kite optimised for freestyle and wave-riding
  • very direct steering and exact feedback on the bar
  • extremely direct pop
  • constant and stable power development
  • fast turning without shifting pressure points
  • easy re-launch
  • vast wind range
  • well-balanced canopy for stability even in highly depowered state



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