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Brand: Star Kites


  • 50cm


The new PROBAR 08 is a concentrate of innovations aiming at only one single goal: SIMPLICITY for the rider, all settings can be done from the bar.

Its ergonomic non-slip design made of multi-layers Carbon fiber covered with soft 3D EVA provides great comfort for all the range (50cm bar length fits all SBOW’08 sizes).

24 meters Dyneema® 8 braid lines (1.5mm) without pulleys ensure high reactivity and jump. Color coded and connection coded lines for safe and secure rigging.

Equipped with our unique Spin Lock Stopper™ system: you can adjust stopper height position on central line to where you like. It will release under high bar pressure resulting in a total de-power. Complete lock setting is available for advanced rider who wish to do one handed and unhooked tricks.




The PROBAR 08 can be converted for beginner, by connecting the handle pass leash to the tangle free leash, which kills the kite power, when the bar is released during learning piloting unhooked.






Trim Tips