Pro X 2008

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Brand: Brunotti


  • 128x37
  • 128x38.5
  • 128x40
  • 134x37
  • 134x38.5
  • 134x40


Brunotti’s legendary Pro X series has once again been refined to allow for even more radical freestyle action. This is the board that internationally recognised pro-rider Youri Zoon uses during competition for unmatched power and pop.

We have added Carbon/Kevlar strips strategically placed in an “x” pattern, which provide even more control and “pop” when loading up. The all-wood core has been extensively tested for a precise, moderately stiff flex pattern that remains constant with time and usage. Flip-nose tail ends allow for a smaller wet surface area when on a plane, resulting in increased top-line speed, which is also great for pop.

Whether you’re just starting to get into freestyle tricks or are the latest kiteloop-handlepass master, the Pro X is the board for you.


  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Inside Screen-printing
  • Full woodcore
  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Kevlar Torsion Stringer
  • Variable Foot Pads- & Straps
  • G10 fins



Brunotti Pro X 2008 1.jpg

Brunotti Pro X 2008 2.jpg



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