Prodigy 2008

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Brand: Cabrinha


  • 138x39
  • 148x40
  • 158x41


The Prodigy is the perfect first board as it will get a rider tracking upwind with it easy to control handling. From there it’ll grow with you as you quickly progress through the stages. The reason for its easy handling and smooth feel lies in the combination of its wood core, fast rocker line, and forgiving outline. The wood core is responsible for its flex and dampening through the choppy water. The fast rocker will get a rider up on a plane quickly yet allow him or her to control their speed through the Prodigy’s superior edge control.

Built to last, the combination of a wood core and biax glass present a unique blend of weight and durability. We’ve designed an entirely new component set to lower the weight and to raise the finish standard even higher. Our new 3D molded foot pad fits like a well worn shoe. The dual density EVA will cradle your foot from side to side and protect it from the impact of hard landings. The widebody adjustable foot strap is extremely simple to attach and easy to adjust to a perfect fit.


  • Expanded Size Range (new 138 Size)
  • Wood Core
  • 14/17 Stance Options
  • Precision Shaped ABS Rail

Board Components

  • Four 2” inch (50mm) GFK Wake Fins
  • WideBody Adjustable Footstraps
  • 3D Footpads
  • Grab Handle


Product PDF

Product PDF


Prodigy 2008 1 .png

Cabrinha Foot Pad 2008 1.png


Cabrinha Board Range 2008 Promo Video


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