Protoy 2006

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Brand: Airush


  • 120x36
  • 127x38
  • 135x40


The new Protoy showcases our newest technology and redefines contest winning performance. The unique double concave bottom and flip-tip ends effortlessly soak up chop while ensuring the softest landings -- ultimately developed for perfect performance in less-than-perfect conditions.


Corecell / Spinal Core

Only used on our Protoy, the new Spinal core features a unique linear foam core for unparalleled damage tolerance and sheer force strength. This is combined with a blend of unidirectional and biaxial laminate for perfect flex, response, and durability. A combination of wood and glass reinforcing is used around the heel area.


  • The unique shaped ABS rail gives the Protoy the forgiving ride of a board with custom rails, combined with the durability of ABS.
  • 3 stage "competition" rocker for speed and early planing. The flip-tip design prevents the nose from catching in choppy conditions.
  • The new Spinal core has allowed us to reduce the core thickness slightly to offer increased flex over 2005. The unique damage tolerance of the Spinal core ensures long-term flex performance.
  • The double concave bottom softens the ride in choppy conditions, increases the directional stability at higher speeds, and enhances edging and low wind performance.
  • The wide tips of the Protoy insure huge amounts of pop for the most progressive riding possible.
  • The new Metro Fin Series offers increased grip with reduced drag through the refined foil shape and reduced chord.



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Protoy 2006 127x38 -

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