Pulley Swivel Bar 2006

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Brand: Best


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Power steering at your fingertips. Ergonomically designed carbon bar delivers unmatched performance, control and ease of use. Now with built in swivel for super easy unspinning of the harness loop. The ultimate feeling on your hand when you grab the bar in the middle ... nothing is in your way! Harness loop designed with easy release handle for improved safety.

For true wakestyle riders who edge out ever gusts there really is only one solution and that's the pulley bar, designed to Shannons' exacting specifications the Best Pulley Swivel bar is the toughest and best performing Pulley bar on the market.


  • Oversize carbon bar.
  • Pull-pull trim strap.
  • Custom marine grade swivel.
  • 6mm Vectran trapezeline.
  • Molded bar ends.


Extra large diameter all carbon bar construction

When you ride wakestyle your bar takes the full load from the kite as there is no centre line, so we made the Pulley Swivel bar extra tough.

6mm Vectran trapeze line

Thicker than any depower line on the market our unique Vectran trapeze ropeis the highest rated line on the market.

Pull-pull trim strap

Positioned over the pulley fro instant adjustment whilst on the water.

Custom spec pulley

Large diameter for reduced line wear and clog free handling.

Stainless swivel mount

Fixed directly to the bar our custom high load swivel is marine grade and guaranted never to bind down, perfect for unhooking to throw any trick in the book.


How to reattach the Quick Release

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Trim Tips