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Brand: Flysurfer


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With the development of the PULSE 2, FLYSURFER brings a new advanced Self Inflatable Kite to the market with extreme depower, superb light wind performance and excellent handling with maximum range of use.

To create a worthy successor of the PULSE, FLYSURFER R&D have invested over a year to give the new PULSE2 a surplus in performance, depower and handling. To bring your kiteboarding to the next level!

Extensive wind tunnel testing, new design software and creating numerous prototypes which have been put through their paces in all kinds of wind-,weather and testing conditions, together with the feedback of our team riders and product testers, FLYSURFER was able to create a superb free-ride kite.

Numerous improvements and novelties were made to the PULSE2, making it the most advanced Self Inflatable Kite on the market:

Flight Characteristics

With a further optimized and thinner profile combined with a perfectly balanced distribution of power throughout the canopy, a complete new level of performance has been achieved. These improvements give the PULSE 2 superb depower, combined with extremely good light wind characteristics while remaining unmatched handling response. The PULSE 2 will bring you to ‘The Next Level'

The increased inherent stability of the canopy decreases the risk of a front stall even more. The outline of the PULSE 2 was further changed to give an even more direct feedback on the bar. Turning speed is also substantially increased, without annoying back stall. A big plus for wave riding and performing radical manoeuvres!

Furthermore, every size of the PULSE 2 has undergone optimized size-specific development to perform at its best in the desired wind and wave conditions.

The bridle of the PULSE 2 has been newly designed from the ground up. This has specific advantages for the rider:

  • The kites' bridle has been shortened considerabley for less tangling
  • Optimizing your personal trim is easier than ever before!
  • The already well known Hard/Soft Steering is from this point on continuously adjustable allowing riders to adjust according to individual desire. In this way, the rider can decide between extremely high or extremely light bar forces – up to 50% lighter than any other Kite.


The entire canopy of the PULSE 2 is extremely stiffened with new profiles inside and therefore makes overflying or blow-outs almost impossible. This benefits the rider directly by allowing for problem-free performance at the edge of the wind window. By optimizing the outline of the PULSE 2, the relaunch has become even more simple. If the Kite is leading edge down, just pull one leader line and the kite relaunches again. Penetration by water is further prevented by lengthened Air Intake Valves.

With the Front Line Safety ( FLS ) first developed at the SPEED 2, the rider has a further developed and optimized safety, which combines a high safety level with the possibility of re-launch! Additionally, you have the option of retrofitting your kite with the Full Depower Safetyline (5 th line), allowing the kite to flag out more effectively and make relaunch even more simple.


Thanks to the elastic cell connections, in normal wind conditions the PULSE 2 is indestructible. This we can state without doubt. And to back it up we offer our 6-Month Free-Repair Warranty with the purchase of a PULSE 2.


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