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Brand: North


  • 163x45


Comfortably cruising in 8 knots is no longer a dream...it‘s a reality! The reality is that you can now ride in conditions you would never have even considered to be kite-able. Ken Winner has used his 20 plus years of windsurf racing experience to develop a board with mind blowing upwind performance and extreme light wind capabilities. This board has already been proven in PKRA Racing by reigning champion Sean Farley. The earliest planing board ever developed for kiteboarding, the Race Ltd. is the ultimate course racing board or simply a tool to get you upwind and cruising with very little effort. Angled twin blade-fins with symmetrical foils produce high lift and very little drag while the board‘s „wedge“ outline helps the fins to operate at the highest possible angle of attack. Sharp rails and a wide square tail give you plenty of „bite“ to push as hard as you want to fly upwind when you can barely feel a breeze on your face.


  • Race & Light Wind Board
  • Unmatched Upwind
  • Really Fast
  • Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
  • Carbon Light Woodcore
  • Canted G10 Fins



Race Ltd 2009 1.png

Race Ltd 2009 2.png

Race Ltd 2009 3.png


Interview with Deleau and Farley

Sky Solbach Interview


Trim Tips