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Brand: Windwing


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All new for 2005, the Windwing Rage II is the most user-friendly, versatile, and safe kite on the planet. The Rage II is a quick-turning, medium-aspect, 5-strut kite with exceptional range and upwind performance. The Rage II has excellent traditional re-launchability, yet it is also compatible with the new Windwing S.A.F.E. system and bars, or the Windwing JumpStart re-launch system with most "normal" 4-line bars.

As with all Windwing kites, the Rage II has a higher projected area for its size due to a flatter "C" shape, instead of the more common eliptical shape of most kites. This causes more lift to be created from the center of the kite, which provides better efficiency, power, range, and upward mobility (higher jumps). The Rage II's integrated downward-sloping inflated wingtips are more aerodynamically efficient, and help the kite turn faster while reducing compressive steering

The Rage II can be flown in three different configurations

  • Traditional hard-line
  • S.A.F.E. mode
  • JumpStart re-launch mode.

In Traditional "hard-line" mode, the Rage II is a forgiving, easy to fly, quick-turning and easy re-launching medium aspect kite.

In S.A.F.E. mode, the S.A.F.E. System allows nearly 100% de-power and controlled landing in overpowered or gusty conditions, using a 4-line system that goes beyond advantages claimed by current 5-line systems.

In Jumpstart mode, the Rage II is re-launchable by simply pulling on the back lines. The re-launch system is 100% concealed within the trailing edge of the kite, making it simple and free of pulleys or other specialized parts.


  • Moderate Aspect
  • Easy Handling, Durable, and User-Friendly
  • Water or Snow application
  • JumpStart Relaunch System
  • SAFE System Compatible



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