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Brand: Windwing


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Windwing 's Rampage II...developed from years of insight and knowledge, has morphed again! This line of user-friendly, safe, all-around performance kites just got even better. Named rAMPage, because it is an AMPed up version of our popular, Rage and Rage II kites, this year's Rampage II is even more reliable, cost-efficient and user-friendly than ever.


With the advent of the flat kite revolution, many people felt that the new kite designs went too far. This led to problems of instability, over-flying, disastrous inversions, sliding turns, and kites that, requiring much more skill and attention, were just harder to fly (despite the increased sheeting range which brought safety and range never before known to kiting). We have exorcised the capriciousness right out of our kites and what is left is a park and ride innovation, ready when you are.

Windwing's pioneering spirit has advanced the evolution of kiting in releasing the Rampage and soon after, the Rampage II. It's refined canopy profile combines the best of both the flat kite and the traditional C kite. This allows the advanced rider to immediately feel at home on the Rampage II, while the beginner can enjoy the safety of a flat kite which is much easier to fly and a lot more responsive and rewarding. The amazing upwindability of the Rampage II allows the advanced rider unreal upwind angles on twin- tip or surfboard (allowing he or she to catch more waves) while the beginner will get their 1st upwind sooner than ever, thereby reducing the dreaded "walk of shame." For 2008, The Rampage II comes with the Batwing technology including the Bob Battens on the wingtips. Also, you will notice that all Rampage II's will have curved trailing edge wingtips to prevent lines from catching.

The huge sheeting range gives this kite a wide wind-range and provides an excellent "gust -busting" ride in the worst of conditions. This range will also simplify kite selection for the beginner, and saves $$ while allowing the advanced rider to stay out on the water in widely varying wind conditions all on the same kite. Opening the possibility of the one kite quiver...no more wardrobes...no more kite du jour...after all, there is only one wind. Windwing.


  • Trailing Edge X-ply
  • Built in Wingtip Battens
  • Simple effective bridle
  • Flat/ C blend profile canopy
  • Excellent production of apparent wind
  • 2/1 pump option
  • Durable glued and triple stitched flat seams


  • Faster and more slipery kite. Better airflow management
  • Lighter easier to maintain
  • Less tangle, no pulley to break or check. Less drag, providing faster kite
  • User friendly, better re-launch, less chance of inversion, more traditional feel
  • Allows wider range
  • Ability to separate Leading Edge from struts. Faster set up. Option to choose one pump or not
  • Stronger durability and smooth canopy for fast efficient airflow


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Rampage 2 in the Air



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