Raptor Pro 2009

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Brand: CrazyFly


  • 127x38
  • 127x40
  • 132x39
  • 132x41
  • 132x43
  • 137x39
  • 137x41
  • 137x43


The new Raptor 2009 line continues to develop in the best direction. Raptor became one of a kind as our R&D team got their job done. Close cooperation with many riders from all around the world brought the desired and once again astonishing results. Finding the right balance between stiffness and flex, we created the progressive flex tips II technology, and brought the pop to the top. Meaning that the shock absorbing system, progressive flex tips II, enhanced pop, and the newly shaped tip’s outline, makes the take offs easier and the landings much softer, preventing your knees from pain. Special 3D effect color changes colors like a chameleon from red to green, which makes the design very eye catching. The UV stabile top sheet foils assure that the design will maintain its looks even after direct tropic sunrays heat up the board.

We implemented new faster scoop rocker line and a slightly concaved bottom to make the 2009 Raptor faster and to improve its upwind abilities. To make every CrazyFly board more personalized, with the new super lightweight dual density EVA pads we included the option of adjusting the stance angle, so everybody is now able to adjust the stance angle to match all the preferences.

Raptor 2009 still remains one of the few boards on the market build with full Nano Carbon construction in series production. Our new CNC shaped Wood Tech Core II makes the board one of the lightest in the world. CNC shaped and hand fine finished 3 Dimensional ABS rails in combination with carbon layers and Wood Tech Core II are the heart of this unique board. Raptor 2009 comes with Quick Fix straps, handle and G 10 fins, which match the design of the board.

Boards features:

  • CNC wood tech core
  • Special 3D effect colour
  • UV stabil top sheet foils
  • stance angle adjustable pads
  • lightweight dual density EVA pads
  • nano fiber carbon technology
  • 3D ABS rails
  • G 10 fins
  • progressive flex tips II
  • shock absorbing system
  • Quick Fix strap system
  • concave bottom



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