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Brand: Windwing


  • 6.6
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 16.5


The 2006 Rapture II is the latest flat kite technology from Windwing. Our design philosophy is to push the performance envelope by applying technically correct principles to the problems of traction kiting. Clearly, inverted 'U' or 'C' shaped 'bucket' kites have a large area of non-contributing surface resulting in low projected area to actual area percentage.

The Rapture II has the highest projected area presently available with a high degree of form stability and attendant efficiency. It vary from the offerings of others in several significant ways including a straight rather than concave tip-to-tip trailing edge, lack of pulleys in the bar or bridle system and a particularly flat high projected area canopy curve when viewed from the front or rear. In order to achieve this, we have overcome the form stability problem with a combination of design factors including a pre-loaded tube structure and a torque-inducing bridle geometry which responsively apply the dynamic loads in a constructive manner. The result is a kite with excellent wind range, gust absorption, upwind ability, floaty jumps, speed and efficiency. Bar pressure is low and the bridle system is transparent and trouble-free in use.



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