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Brand: North


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North Kiteboarding is proud to introduce a new breed of kite: The Rebel.

Combining all the benefits of total de-power with the safety, performance and re-launch benefits of five lines, the Rebel is breaking all the rules!

Using a redefined leading edge arc, canopy profile and swept wing tips, the Rebel challenges what was previously thought possible with a five-line kite, changing angle of attack instantly to deliver a huge power/de-power range.

Simply rigged on North's 5th Element, the Rebel has the direct bar feel and instant turning response of a c-shape kite, without the hassle of bridles or pulleys normally associated with a flat kite. With it’s moderate arc and fifth line support, the Rebel is incredibly smooth and stable and is never prone to inverting.

The Rebel makes setting up for a jump almost effortless by allowing you to de- power as you position the kite above your head, then sheet in for power and lift.

With its super-durable construction and massive power/de-power range, the Rebel is also the perfect wave-riding tool. Power-up through your bottom turns, then instantly turn off the power for vertical wave re-entries. The Rebel allows you to position yourself on the wave, where you want, when you want! So if you’re looking for all-round performance and safety with the simplicity of five lines, look no further . . . The Rebel will give you all the tools you need!


At North Kiteboarding we have always believed in putting the performance of our products first. That’s why we have devised a system that allows us to measure the load that the kite is generating with real-time wind readings on the kite simultaneously.


  • 5th Element / No Bridles
  • Safety Leash
  • Ultimate Depower
  • Direct Turning (like C-Kite)
  • Easy to Jump


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Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


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Rebel 2007 7.0 -

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Rebel 2007 9.0 -

Rebel 2007 9.0 -

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Rebel 2007 9.0 -

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