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Brand: North


  • 6.0
  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 10.0
  • 12.0
  • 14.0
  • 16.0


The Rebel is the definitive free-ride kite. Equally at home in the hands of surf junkies or flat water fiends, the Rebel is a kite that simply works in all conditions!

Smooth, predictable power development and reduced sheeting force will give you confidence to push your riding to new levels or simply cruise with comfort and ease. Direct sheeting allows you to instantly turn on the power when you need it for lofty jumps or driving bottom-turns while total de-power lets you instantly sheet out to shut off the power for vertical off-the-tops! Reactive steering and a direct, crispy feel lets you know exactly where the kite is flying so that nothing will hold you back from reaching the riding level of your dreams!

The Rebel is soft and powerful to get you up and going in light winds, yet remains incredibly stable when the wind picks up. Excellent steering even with the kite de-powered makes it easy to keep the kite flying overhead and positioned precisely where you want it as you set up for your next off the lip, so it's no secret why the Rebel is our team's number one choice in the surf. A slight increase in LE sweep together with the addition of relaunch bungies to the back pigtails prevents line snags and makes re-launching the Rebel easier than ever! The Rebel continues to defy convention as a no-compromise free-ride kite that combines 5th Element simplicity and safety with all round comfort and performance. The Rebel...Breaking all the rules!

Available in sizes 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16 and four all new color schemes with stylish skate/snow influenced graphics to entice the senses.


  • Ultimate Depower
  • Massive Lowend
  • Light Bar Feel
  • Direct Steering
  • 5th Element Safety
  • Aramid Reinforcement - NEW
  • Relaunch Bungee - NEW
  • Load Distribution Panels - NEW
  • Power Profile - NEW


Rebel08 windrange.gif


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF


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Product Video

Action Video

5th Line Relaunch

Nose Down Relaunch

Rolling up your Kite



Rebel 2008 9.0 -

Rebel 2008 10.0 -

Rebel 2008 10.0 + 12.0 -

Rebel 2008 12.0 -

Rebel 2008 12.0 -

Rebel 2008 14.0 -

Rebel 2008 14.0 -


Rebel 2008 -


Rebel 2008 -

Rebel 2008 -


Rebel 2008 10.0 + 12.0 -

Trim Tips

Nose Line Length

Unfortunately some North kites are still coming out of the factory with the wrong pigtail lengths, so check your kite if it 's not flying right.

Here is for Rebel 08' nose line and front pigtail lengths:

Size - Front Pigtail - Nose line length (all in cm)

  • 6m - 73 - 100x63
  • 7m - 78 - 100x69
  • 9m - 86 - 130x59
  • 10m - 91 - 160x34
  • 12m - 97 - 160x49
  • 14m - 109 - 160x75
  • 16m - 113 - 160x92