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Brand: Liquid Force


  • 127x38
  • 130x39
  • 133x40
  • 136x41


The Recoil is a new 2007 board design from Liquid Force. This board was designed in conjunction with legendary Liquid Force wakeboard shaper Jimmy Redmon and European board designer Anders Borg. The idea was to create a board that was super fast, quick to plane and had tons of pop. Its hull design was configured to excel in a variety of different flat water conditions. This design features a super thin rail profile, single concave, ultra lightweight construction, low swing weight, and a specialized flex profile.

  • 127x38 cm, fins: 1.5 GTS
  • 130x39 cm, fins: 1.5 GTS
  • 133x40 cm, fins: 2.0 GTS
  • 136x41 cm, fins: 2.0 GTS


  • Compression molded
  • Molded Polyurethane foam core: Super strong and doesn’t take on water
  • PBT top and Bottom
  • Hybrid PVC sidewall for strength and durability


  • Super thin rail profile
  • Single concave
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • Low swing weight
  • Specialized flex profile



127 Boards recoil 2007 127s.jpg

130 Boards recoil 2007 130.jpg

133 Boards recoil 2007 133.jpg

136 Boards recoil 2007 136.jpg

Boards recoil 2007 136 2.jpg



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