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Brand: Caution


  • 125
  • 132


When it comes to freestyle, you can’t beat a Redline! This series of boards blends the best in durability, smoothness, energy release, and edging precision. Crafted from CNC machined Divinycell cores and wrapped in glossy sublimated PBT sheets for longevity under the sun, our Redline’s symetrical concave bottom and innovative tucked ABS rails make it the best board in the industry. The Redline series sports the most comfortable and size accommodating foot straps on the market and comes stocked with Stainless Steele ¼“ 20 foot strap and handle inserts, ergonomic footpads, lower profile handle and the indestructible hyper foil G10 fins. These boards are built Caution tough for everyday abuse and deliver the performance that serious freestylers demand and the comfort that the rest will enjoy.

Redline 125

The Redline 125 is the smallest board in the Caution arsenal. This board is great for smaller riders and those that enjoy the novelty of riding powered up on smaller boards. In response to rider feedback, we have added three centimeters to the length of the board to provide additional range, while retaining the board’s precise edging characteristics. The 125 makes huge wakes when carving in flat water and its light weight and incredible edging capacity is ideal for big air and old school freestyle moves.

Redline 132

The Redline 132 is the ultimate Freestyle board. It’s our team rider’s choice for sent and unsent unhooked moves, and old school freestyle. The Redline 132’s flex characteristics delivers insane edging and release, which gives riders the pop they need when launching out of the water. The 132’s outline provides the ideal amount of surface area for general riding, yet its minimal weight makes it responsive and maneuverable both in and out of the water. The Redline 132 is a lightweight high performance board built to deliver unparalleled durability.



Redline 2008 125.gif 125

Redline 2008 132.gif 132

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