Relaunching or Upwind Bodydragging

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Many times you will pass riders who are relaunching their kites, or bodydragging to their boards.


Riders with a dropped kite want their kite up as fast as possible.

Never get close to a kite, that is about to relaunch, nor fly your kite close to the dropped kite.

You should pass a dropped kite and the rider only upwind, or with good distance you can do it also downwind. But keep an eye on the kite, so you can act, if something goes wrong.

Pass upwind with a kite that flies pretty high, and don't ride too close to the rider.

Good riders should always keep an eye on the relaunch situation of the rider's kite, and if it looks like trouble to relaunch, ask the rider if he needs any help, then try to flip his kite or untangle bridles etc.


Since no one should use a board leash, people need to bodydrag back to their board.

Normally anyone who bodydrags flies their kite on the same position and slowly turns it if they want to go to the other direction.

Always give a bodydragging rider the right of way, so they can quickly recover their board.

Many times it is good, when you see someone bodydragging for their board, and the distance is big, to just bring the rider the board, so they can get on it faster and be out of the way.

The rider bodydragging should always move their kite out of the way of moving riders, and the best is to keep it low over the water level, to block as little room as possible.

Be aware, that once a bodydragging rider reached his board, or shortly before, steers his kite into the zenith.