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Brand: Skywalker


  • 125x36
  • 126x37.5
  • 130x39
  • 138x40
  • 144x41


Riders 125

The Rider Series 125 is the same shape as the 06 but with bubble graphics. A bit lighter than its Dimitri Pro counterpart and with a flat bottom, this board is designed for smaller riders and riders that ride really powered in strong wind. Complete Weight: 6.16 lbs./2.8 kg.

Graph 125.jpg

Riders 126

With the same shape of the 06 Pro Series but with different graphics, the 126 has a flat bottom for excellent pop and fast planning. It will let you express your kiteboarding animal. Complete Weight: 6.2 lbs./2.85 kg.

Graph 126.jpg

Riders 130

If you still need a little more board than the 126 for light winds or bigger riders, the Riders Series 130 is the perfect choice. All the pop, planing, and control you need in a bigger package. Complete Weight: 6.5 lbs./2.95 kg.

Graph 130.jpg

Riders 138

The perfect light wind companion to the 126, the Rider Series 138 can do it all - light wind, Free Style, and wave riding. As a pair, the 138 and the 126 will have you covered for most kiteboarding conditions. Complete Weight: 6.6 lbs./3 kg.

Graph 138.jpg

Riders 144

The Rider Series 144 was designed for beginners and for heavier riders that need the extra length to plane. Big enough to provide stability in the learning process but not so big that you can't bust some moves when you're ready. Complete Weight: 6.82 lbs./3.1 kg.

Graph 144.jpg



125 colors board riders bubbles.jpg

125 colors board riders red.jpg

Fins bottom riders (Small).jpg

Fins riders (Small).jpg

Strap riders (Small).jpg

Handle riders (Small).jpg

Rider125.jpg 125

126 large (Small).jpg 126

130 large (Small).jpg 130

138 large (Small).jpg 138

144 large (Small).jpg 144



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