Riding Blind

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Riding backwards.

How To

1. Medium speed, kite at 45°

2. Pop off the water

3. Rotate with upper body

4. Look at your toes

5. Point the board downwind

6. Weight over toes on back foot


  • when you pop off the water, have only one hand on the bar (front hand)
  • grab the bar in the center, or even a bit on the other side of to be able to steer the kite a bit higher. If you keep the hand on the same position, you are likely to steer the kite down into the water
  • when you rotate your body, make sure to completely twist your upper body, so the lower body follows it and you really rotate your 180°
  • once riding backwards, make sure to put your body weight on the back foot and edge by leaning forward towards the water



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