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Riding on the toeside of your board.

How To

1. Go a bit downwind.

2. Twist head and shoulders to face forward and pull your back foot forward as well.

3. Bend your knees.

4. Put your weight onto your toes to edge and have grip on the rail of the board.

5. Lean against the kite's pull to control its power.


  • Steering the kite with one hand riding toeside makes it easier (grab the bar close to the center)
  • You can also jump into toeside instead of sliding the board over the surface, where you maybe set the edge incorrect. Just do a little pop jump and twist your body 180 degrees so your chest faces the wind.
  • You will loose speed because you are suddenly edging much harder as toeside body position greats more weight against the wind.
  • When you turn to toeside do it with the kite high and be ready to dive it for extra power to get you going again, if you lose speed.
  • For better upwind, move your weight forward on to your front foot more. This will sink more of the rail and you will edge better and go less downwind. Also be sure to lean away from the kite. Remember when you go heelside you lean back a lot, so you have to also lean when toeside.
  • Being powered makes it much easier. When underpowered, moving the kite with one hand is much harder.



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