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Heelside railey with an overhead backside 360. Both hands over head.

How To

1. Powered. You have to be powered up good to do this trick. Off a wave not so much, but the more power the better it'll look.

2. Speed. Goes with the power thing, but having a powered kite and board speed sometimes don't go hand in hand. You know how to go fast. Go fast first.

3. Edge. Because it starts as a railey, you need to get a good edge. You should be doing raileys already if you want to learn this move, so I'm not going to go into detail.

4. The first few times you try it, don't worry about your kite being too high. It'll save you the back slaps. Keep it at about 45-60 degrees, edge into a railey, and get the full pop. Think about keeping your body extended and straight. Straight arms, straight legs. Try to let your head go between your arms.

5. Throw your weight forward. I think about it like I'm throwing my front shoulder down towards the water.

6. Rotation. This is the trick. It's pretty much impossible to OVER rotate this trick BECAUSE you will only rotate as long as you stay extended (back to the straight arms, straight legs thing). Let yourself rotate. If you pull the bar back too soon, you'll stop your rotation, and from the sound of it, that's what you're doing. Pulling the bar in too soon, and you land on your back. Depending on the height and the speed of the rotation, you can judge when to pull the bar back to your hip.

7. Pull the bar to your hip. I covered it in the previous step. It's always a good practice to pull it to your hip. Once you get it down, you don't have to, but pulling it towards your hip will get your prepared to move onto the next move, s-bend to blind. It's just pulling it to your hip then around your back.

8. Spot your landing. You should have started doing this when you were judging when to stop your rotation. Focus on where you're going to land. Practice is the key for this one. It's obviously easier when the kite is higher, but then you might dangle a bit (not good).

9. Practice. Keep doing it until you feel comfortable. Once you have them pretty dialed, start bringing the kite lower on takeoff. You'l have to rotate faster, but the style meter will go up. If you're really lit, you should be able to do it with the kite 5-10 feet off the water, and you'll be completely horizontal. That's when you know you've got it down.



Mike Blomvall

S-Bend Mike Blomvall 1 1.jpg

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S-Bend Mike Blomvall 1 17.jpg

S-Bend Mike Blomvall 1 18.jpg


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