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Brand: Star Kites


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The new S-BOW 08 is a unique breed of polyvalent kite for progressive riders willing to explore and progress in most of kite styles such as wave riding, big air and even freestyle.

Equally chosen by all levels riders, the S-BOW 08 is already a hit for our Pro riders team. Either for strapless wave riding or freestyle and big air competitions, they love its reactivity, stability and huge de-power.

Reactivity, Stability, De-power

Being stable, this kite is perfect to concentrate and progress on all riding aspects without having to focus only on the kite piloting. Having a moderate bar pressure, you will always feel where your kite is positioned without having to glance at it every second. Instant response and huge de-power will give you confidence in wave and choppy conditions so you will focus only on enjoying the surf aspect. From bottom turns to endless surfs and any off the lip figures, the kite will only help you in a smooth way to progress and ride more waves.

New Enhanced Profile

What makes the S-BOW 08 an all-conditions polyvalent kite is linked to it’s re-shaped profile. Power consistency is now optimized in order to stabilize kite behavior in case of gusty winds or uncontrolled rider command without affecting its reactivity. Increasing also your pop, new profile will propel you to higher jumps with longer hang time sensations. Link to its reactivity the S-BOW 08 has a reduced drag and great up wind capabilities. No matter your level, having a kite that goes easily up wind will always help to ride and progress more at each session.

Safe Easy Re-Launch

Safety being one of our core value, re-launching is as simple as it could be with S-BOW 08, you will only need to pull few centimeters on one of the leader line to automatically re-launch your kite.

Incomparable strength of our kites is the result of a continuous search to exclusively use quality fabrics and accessories with best assembly methods. Even what you can’t see is as strong as the rest (bladder welding, valves welding...). Riding such durable kites gives you the opportunity to progress and enjoy without being scared to scratch your kite when trying new moves.

SBOW08 features.jpg

Delivered with the brand new PROBAR 08, easy tuning will help to match your riding style and your progression session after session. The pack also includes dual action aluminum reinforced pump, comfy extensible bag (allows to keep kite with bladders inflated and lines connected inside the bag), repair kit.


Our tested wind range is pretty huge and we must admit the 2 kites quiver for all conditions can now be considered. Thanks to a perfect weight balance and bridles settings, you will take off before most of your friends at equal size…

SBOW08 YANDBLACK 4 low.jpg

Indicative for S-BOW 08 for average rider of 75kg using 135cm board

  • 3m2 S-BOW 08 is only adapted for light persons (under 50kg) and for learning purposes.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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SBOW08 YANDBLACK 3 low.jpg

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