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Brand: Starkites


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The SBOW’09 is the definitive freeride kite- it is as at home wave riding as it is freestyle riding and high-air jumping. Starkites’ highly innovative research and development ensures that the SBOW’09 is unrivalled in its class.

The SBOW’09 is the leading dynamic kite of the year. With fine-tuning features that allow the rider to customize it to their own style, this highly stable and reactive kite is the perfect progression tool for riders of all levels.

Stability, Reaction Rate and De-power

With its high stability profile, this kite is perfect to help riders progress without needing to concentrate too hard on their kite piloting. The highly reactive and fast PROBAR09 helps you intuitively feel where the kite is positioned and if it needs power adjusting or quicker flying. It allows you to spend more time concentrating on your board riding skills and building up to your tricks. With its instant response and huge de-power range it will give you the confidence to enjoy riding at your own pace. The SBOW’09 has 100% de-power wherever the kite is positioned in the wind-window!

Enhanced Profile

Due to its enhanced profile, the SBOW’09 is the perfect and versatile all-conditions kite. Power consistency is optimised in order to stabilise kite behaviour-especially in gusty winds. It also means that the kite is more forgiving if you make mistakes while flying. The enhanced profile also creates less drag so riders can enjoy much easier upwind riding; and increased pop, so riders can do higher jumps and enjoy longer hang time sensations. The SBOW’09 makes progression during each session a very simple undertaking.

Safe and easy Re-launch

Safety is our core principle at Starkites. With this in mind, the SBOW’09’s re-launching capabilities are as simple as it gets: you just need to pull one of the leader lines a few centimeters, and it will re-launch the kite.

SBOW'09 vs. SBOW'08

  • Improved stability on low end wind range
  • Fine tuning features
  • Less pointed wing tips to allow more aerodynamic and faster flight in lower winds
  • Bi-radial cloth - maintains the improved profile shape of the leading edge. it avoids folds and will help keep the design crisp and flawless
  • New and improved reinforcements between the struts and the leading edge
  • Tension regulating patches on the trailing edge - mini battens (monofilm) built into the tip of the trailing edge in order to avoid kite flapping.
  • Brand new comfortable and expendable bag


The unrivaled strength of our kites is the result of our continual commitment to developing and sourcing the highest-grade fabrics and accessories, using the best possible assembly methods. The following list describes some of the top features we feel you should know about.

Strong Dacron fabric 150 gr/m2

SBow 2009 3.jpg

New 2009 -Reinforced strut/leading edge junction, white double canopy frame on sensitive points

SBow 2009 4.jpg

Extra Coated EVA rash guards on Leading edge

SBow 2009 5.jpg

Strong Rash guard - Canopy junction anti -tear and fuse sewing to prevent damage in case of extreme crash

SBow 2009 6.jpg

High resistance to wear and tear trailing edge, with «v» folding Dacron end strut reinforcement band

SBow 2009 7.jpg

New 2009 :Removable Mini battens on tips

SBow 2009 8.jpg

New 2009: Double Trailing edge and flap control patches

SBow 2009 9.jpg

New - Fine tuning attachment points for the back lines on the kite

Normal Pressure or Increased Pressure

SBow 2009 10.jpg

Safety handles on both kite ears for safe rescue

SBow 2009 11.jpg



SBow 2009 1.jpg

SBow 2009 2.jpg



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