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Brand: Cabrinha


  • 5’3” (160)
  • 5’9” (175)


Kitesurfing has come full circle back to its surfing roots with the introduction of the S-Quad. Years of design experience has gone into making the perfect kite surfboard. The S-Quad has all of the design elements of a true surfboard with the construction to match the kind of abuse the surf will likely dish out.

Designed by Pete Cabrinha, the S-Quad blends his fast tow-surfing rockers with a wider curvier outline to deliver a board that powers off the bottom and snaps in the hook. The 4 fins allow the rail to hold when you need it and let it bust loose on demand.

The S-Quad is constructed with an X-48 EPS core and a composite skin. The x-48 construction has been custom developed to the Cabrinha S-quad. The XPS core is machined to offer the optimal shape. A full wood laminate under the feet provides strength and impact resistance. We use a multi weight glass lay-up to provide the best combination of strength and weight.

When ridden with the new Revolver HD surf kite, its as close as you’ll get to the real thing. If you want just one board to handle a wide range of surf conditions the S-Quad is your board.


  • Thin Rail Profile
  • Tow Surfing Rocker
  • Quad Fin Design
  • X-48 Core
  • ComPosite Skin
  • Wood Reinforced Heels
  • Custom Cut Traction Pads
  • Surf Straps
  • Future Fin System

Board Components

  • S-QUAD Surf Board
  • Two 4” INCH (100mm) Front Surf Fins
  • Two 3.25” INCH (83mm) Rear Surf Fins
  • Surf Footstraps


Product PDF

Product PDF


S-Quad 2008 1.png


Cabrinha Board Range 2008 Promo Video



S-Quad 2008 5’3” - sbckiteboard.com

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