SLE Bar 2.0 2009

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Brand: Ocean Rodeo


  • 40
  • 50
  • 60


1) Below the bar trim adjustment, for easy sheeting control and unlimited throw. For 2009, the trim line is now independent from the leash connection point, making for a much cleaner and uncluttered set up!

SLE Bar 2 2009 1.jpg

2) Front line swivel, with grab tab. This gives you the option of flagging the kite of off a single front line without ejecting. This option is particularly useful when self rescuing, as it gives the rider the option to simply release the tab and instantly relaunch the kite again.

SLE Bar 2 2009 2.jpg

3) New adjustable stopper. The position of the stopper is easily adjusted on the fly by sliding it up/down the trim line. In addition, sliding tension can be adjusted by repositioning the red clip.

SLE Bar 2 2009 3.jpg

4) New central HUB system. This allows the rider to eject easily with either hand, and it is not affected by load so it works every single time! It is also very easy and simple to put back together, even on the water. The large size of the HUB and bright red color make it easy to find.

SLE Bar 2 2009 4.jpg

5) Unlike some systems on the market, the chicken loop does not detach from the bar when the safety is activated, making it impossible to lose the loop in the water if the the donkey dick is not engaged or fails. We are also offering a larger chicken loop for riders who unhook a lot. This is easily changed out by the rider.

SLE Bar 2 2009 5.jpg

6) The top of the HUB mates with the bar, so the chicken loop auto rotates and is always sitting flat and facing the rider - again, great for unhooking.

SLE Bar 2 2009 6.jpg

7) 850 lb. lines are now standard! Due to a new weave, these are even smaller in diameter than the 650 lb lines we offered last year, and are less prone to tangling.



SLE Bar 2 2009 1.jpg


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