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Brand: Best


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To help you express your own riding style, you need a bar you can rig and ride exactly how you want. The ‘09 Best Bar provides the perfect mix of ease of use, advanced safety features, with maximum freeride versatility.

Our new “Big-Black” molded chickenloop Quick Release provides easy one-handed release under any line load. With only one internal moving part, it’s a cinch to reassemble in the water, giving you security and confidence that adds to your riding enjoyment.

The ‘09 Best Bar comes with “Oh Shit Release” grab handles on all front and rear flying lines allowing you to self land your kite on the beach safely regardless of wind direction. A multi-way bypass/handlepass leash can be configured as a bypass, back line, or suicide leash to suit your needs.

Depower travel and bar reach are fully adjustable from just a single knot position, accommodating the needs of riders of any body shape. Our dual-depower stopper takes the strain against the bar so you don’t have to, reducing the load on your arms and increasing your comfort level.

With colour-coded 700lb rated flying lines, matching bar colors, and a high load-rated centerline swivel, the ‘09 Best Bar is the perfect complement to either the Waroo or Nemesis HP kites.

09 SLE Bar: Package

Your 09 SLE Bar is delivered complete with the following items:

  • Complete bar ready rigged with 22+3m 700lb line set.
  • Velcro Donkey Dick attachment for the chickenloop.
  • Handlepass/bypass leash with integral QR cuff.


Laser Etched 3D Grip:

SLE Bar 2009 4.png

The 09 Best Bar has a completely new Laser etched 3D grip. This dual density EVA foam grip is 'etched' by a high power laser that melts away the top layer of the EVA to reveal the colored layer beneath. This creates a uniquely ridged and profiled 3D construction that enhances rider comfort and improves the tactile quality of the bar.

The 09 bar retains the popular intended finger ridge layout and squared off back surface, allowing you to feel which way round your bar is without ever having to look at it.

2-Piece Stainless Bar Bushing:

For 09 we have modified the bushing alignment to remove any wear hotspots and increase your depower line lifespan. The 316 grade chromed steel bushing mates up perfectly with the top of the new Big Black QR giving you the most solid unhooked chickenloop for easy un-hooking and re-hooking

Flying Lines 22m+3m:

For 09 we have selected a 700lb breaking strain high tenacity line to help all your kites turn as fast as possible and to give you the maximum handling feedback at all times.

Front Line OSR Handles:

The 09 bar has dual front-line landing handles above the trim strap. These handles are primarily intended to be used as grab handles when landing the kite on the beach.

Beginner riders who do not require the spinning front line function of the trim strap mounted swivel can attach their leash directly to one of the front line handles, connecting the other end of the leash around the spreader bar hook on their harness. Always ensure the handles are disconnected from their Velcro retaining tabs before attaching the leash.

Dual Depower Line with Stopper Ball:

SLE Bar 2009 5.png

Having dual depower lines that run through the bar enables the use of a simple and effective adjustable stopper ball. This allows a rider to limit bar travel according to personal preference for maximum depower, and also allows the rider to freely un-spin the bar without the kite going into auto-safety.

The dual centre lines increase durability and the entire depower rope, from stopper knot to bypass leash ring, can be swapped out quickly and easily without the need to replace the entire chickenloop assembly. Replacement stopper balls will be available as spares and should be replaced whenever the depower lines are swapped.

The depower rope can also be shortened by tying an additional knot at the chickenloop, allowing C-kite riders to reduce total bar throw in line with the depower characteristics of their chosen kite.

Handlepass/Bypass Leash:

SLE Bar 2009 6.png

The 09 Best Bar comes equipped with a high quality handlepass/bypass leash. This leash clips to the bottom of the dual depower line and activates full depower by shortening the depower rope whenever the bar is dropped.

Riders wishing to perform handlepass maneuvers and stay directly leashed to the tubing of their chickenloop, bypassing this depower/safety functionality, may wish to upgrade to a heavier duty leash.

Warning: When attached directly to the chickenloop, the maximum depower of the kite - if the bar is dropped from the riders grip - will be limited solely by the position of the stopper ball on the depower line. In this situation, the kite can remain partially powered and out of the riders reach.

Rear Line OSR Handles:

SLE Bar 2009 7.png

The 09 bar retains the rear line OSR handles for landing your kite on the beach, or for emergency use if you snap a front flying line. The chickenloop mounted leash attachment point remains the primary safety system.

Attaching your leash to a rear line OSR handle and to the front of your harness can result in line tangles after performing kiteloops and spins. The 09 Best harnesses are designed with a single strut spreader bar hook that will allow you to retain the option to spin your bar.

All Carbon Bar Construction:

The 09 SLE bar retains its all carbon construction with an oversized center bulge and 2 piece stainless bar bushing system. A new carbon core weave makes the 09 lighter and stronger than ever before.

Double Fix Bar End:

SLE Bar 2009 8.png

The 09 SLE bar has a double fixing bar end design with maximum overlap between bar end and the bar itself. This is stronger and more durable than a single point fixing.

Above Trim-Strap Swivel:

Placing the swivel above the depower strap maximizes the available bar travel and depower beneath the trim strap, helping you to keep in control as the wind picks up. A new high load swivel arrangement with extra wide line attachment points maximizes the line loading to keep your front lines untangled and twist free.

EVA Foam Bar End Bumpers:

SLE Bar 2009 9.png

Riding unhooked and performing unhooked kiteloop and handlepass tricks places increased pressure on the sides of your hands.

Soft Eva bar end insert bumpers provide a soft contact point between your hand and the bar, reducing abrasion and increasing your comfort levels.


User Manual

User Manual PDF


SLE Bar 2009 1.png

SLE Bar 2009 2.png

SLE Bar 2009 3.png



Trim Tips

Chicken Loop Safety Notice

Just to make sure, we think it's best you check your 2009 chicken loop! A small number of 2009 BEST chicken loops have been shipped with a possible non-functioning quick release mechanism (first, unofficial shipment, normally not for consumers). The problem has arisen where part of the internal section of the chicken loop is injected with "thread lock." A small amount of excess in some cases has seeped out after the injection gluing the eject sleeve to the chicken loop. If you were an early adopter of the 2009 BEST bar or chicken loop you can simply test this by activating the release on the chicken loop and seeing if it releases.

If your loop does not release then follow the simple instructions below to rectify it, or alternatively take it back to your BEST dealer to have them fix the problem for you. The solution is quite simple, and even if your loop is not sticking we suggest you check anyway to see if there is any seeping thread lock as this may soften and become gluey in extreme heat conditions.

  • 1. To check the safe function of the QR push up on the external cuff, if the QR opens the bar is functioning correctly.
  • 2. If the QR fails to open, insert a flat edge screwdriver in between the internal and external parts of the Chickenloop cuff and twist it sideways to separate the two parts. Turn the chickenloop over and repeat on the opposite side.
  • 3. Push the cuff to open the QR, if the cuff opens you have successfully fixed the QR, if it fails to open repeat stage 2 using a little more force.
  • 4. As an extra safety measure any excess glue on the internal body of the Chickenloop, as shown below, should be removed by scalping it off with a flat blade.


PDF download here


Best Chickenloop Notice 2009 2.jpg