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Brand: Naish Kiteboarding




Smartloop 2008 Retro Kite Installation

Smartloop 2008 Retro Kite Installation





Smart Loop 2008 -

Trim Tips

Line Lengths

If you have a Naish Helix, you should check your bar and its line length. It can happen, that the trim is not set to the optimum, such as the front lines are too long and the back lines are too short, which can result into a back stall if you pull the bar in too much.

So, if you own a SLE Contol Bar System 2008 (Standart Loop), click below for the pdf sheet:

Naish PDF File

Smart Loop Optional Leash Attachment Point

Naish recommends the use of the front line ring leash attachment to ensure that the kite fully depowers when the safety release system is activated. Naish absolutely does not recommend using any other leash attachment point. Kiteboarding is an inherently dangerous sport and riders need to maintain safe kiting practices in regards to both assessing conditions and equipment usage.

Naish also realizes that advanced riders may desire a fully spinning leash option, and the following optional leash attachment point is explained. Use of this leashing method may not allow the kite to always fully depower one hundred percent of the time, and its use is fully up to the discretion of the individual rider. Naish does not recommend this leash attachment point and users that do use this leashing option need to understand that it may greatly inhibit the kite from reaching its full depower range, and that they take full responsibility of the possible consequences.

1) Attach the leash between the black balls at the end of the trim line. This will allow the kite to be dramatically depowered without having the bar run up the lines. Pictured is the Freestyle Leash, and the SLE Leash may also be attached with a larks head similarly to how you attach your flying lines to the kite.

Smart Loop 2008 Trim 1.jpg

2) After the release system is activated, the bar will slide up to the metal pulley and the kite will depower. When you are ready to restart, pull the bar to yourself with the trim line until you can reach the Smart Loop.

Smart Loop 2008 Trim 2.jpg

3) When you reach the bar, the Smart Loop needs to be reloaded. Sometimes the stopper will be tightly jammed and some line might need to be let through the cleat to give you the necessary slack to reload the Smart Loop. Keep the line cleated during the process of reloading the Smart Loop to ensure that the kite remains depowered.

Smart Loop 2008 Trim 3.jpg

4) Once the Smart Loop is successfully reloaded, hook in and reset the chicken finger through the spreader bar. At this point uncleat the trim line and slowly feed the rest of the trim link through the Smart Loop. As the kite starts to repower it will naturally pull the rest of the line until the kite is back to normal power and ready to be relaunched. Watch your fingers as the line will sometimes snap aggressively back into place.

Smart Loop 2008 Trim 4.jpg

Swivel Pulley Maintenance

The safety concern is pretty important. The swivel pulley that holds your depower lines and front lines is attached by a screw that DOES come loose. I was gearing up 2 days ago...and was about to launch and saw this danger about to let my kite fly about without any front lines...luckily I saw it in time landed the kite and tightened it up. Today I put some locktite on the end and made sure it was in there snugly. I recommend you do the same, and check your bar for a loose screw.

Smart loop screw pict0055ro1.jpg

Rusting Bolts

If you ride in salt water, watch for any signs of rust on the two little hex bolts. They are located under the red plastic on the chicken loop release. I have replaced six rusted bolts, with new bolts compliments of my local Naish shop. Two were already broken, three snapped under the wrench, and one unscrewed ok.

To check yours, open the release and push the red cover all the way up. I packed the replacement bolts with grease and I now rinse my bars in fresh water every night.

Smartloop Steel 1.jpg

Smartloop Steel 2.jpg