SLE Control System 2007

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Brand: Naish



The new SLE Control System is a plug and play device; it comes completely assembled and ready to use. Below is a diagram of the system and descriptions of each line and its function.

  • A. Left red leader line
  • B. Right blue leader line
  • C. Swivel
  • D. Safety handle
  • E. Pull Pull Adjuster Strap with extensions
  • F. Stopperball
  • G. Quick Release Trim Loop with Chicken Finger
  • H. Kite
  • I. Bridle
  • J. Back line attachment points
  • K. Front line attachment points
  • L. Left red Steering line
  • M. Front grey control line
  • N. Right blue steering line
  • O. Adjustment knots for J Line
  • P. Knot for 1:1 Configuration

SLE Control System 2007 1.png SLE Control System 2007 2.png


SLE Control System 2007 Manual PDF

SLE Control System 2007 Manual PDF




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