SST 2009

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Brand: Slingshot


  • 6'2"x18.65"


The SST from the Crossover Collection is designed to be the most versatile surf board we make.

The SST is excellent for lighter winds or bigger riders who want good upwind ability.

The SST Quad has a dome deck and deep single concave running the full length of the board. Its boxy rails in the tail and low round soft forward rail allow the SST Quad to be driven extremely hard inthe turns. The SST Quad shape also has a wider nose with a wider tail that provides a large surface area to drive the quad fins.

The advantages of the SST make this board the most versatile board we make.


  • WVS Construction
  • Quad construction
  • Slingshot legendary construction
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership


  • Light weight, increase flex, softer feel.
  • Easier carving in and out of turns.
  • Bomber quality.
  • Tel. 1-509-427-4950 / Email:


The SST Quad is the perfect all round board with the most amount of versatility. It’s ideal if you if you are looking for a one surfboard quiver to ride every kind of wave.


  • SST Quad deck
  • Qty 4: Custom SST surf fins
  • Doyle Surf Traction Pad
  • Doyle Symmetrical Foot straps



SST 2009 1.jpg

SST 2009 2.png



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