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Brand: Slingshot


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The SX stands for skate series. The skate series board is an all around freeride deck for any rider looking for a forgiving board that is easy and fun to manipulate and ride. Whether you are learning to master new moves or enjoying the experience of effortless freeride carving, the SX board offers just the right amount of controlled flex and responsiveness that any rider beginner to advanced can appreciate.

The newest features of the SX for 2008 is the addition of the full wood core and step down side wall construction. Using a unique lightweight wood we added flex, response, strength and control to the SX never seen before.

Key Highlights

  • Ideal for all around freeriding
  • Solid wood core: no heel dents! / added strength / added flex / increased responsiveness
  • Step down side wall construction: increased rider control
  • Unique rail curve: comfort ride, means not having to edge hard
  • Twin tip: made to be ridden both ways
  • Rounded tip angle: delivers a “skate” feel
  • Increased constant curve rocker: bigger sweet spot for a comfortable ride and suspension
  • Shallow concave: provides bite on rail and on water
  • Duraglide base: added durability
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Support membership


Product PDF

Product PDf


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SX 2008 136x39.5 - IKSurfMag

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