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by FredBGG

Due to the recent accidents I want to repeat what I advise everyone I see with a kite to do. Sorry if I sound like a broken record as I have repeated this many times, but not in it's own thread.

It is of life and death importance to develop what I have called Safety Release Reflex (SRR). Basicly you should build up an instinctive reflex reaction to pull your safety release when things go wrong.

Ask yourself when did you last pull your safety? Would you be able to find it in a split second with a hand full of sand in your eyes and after being hit on the head hard?

This is what I suggest:

After each move or transition briefly reach and get a good grip on your safety release. Every time you almost fall or lose your balance do the same. Before launching do the same.

Making a habit of this will just make it so much easier to use your safety when you need it.

Remember that when you need your safety you may be flying through the air, getting yanked, half drowned, name it.

Every martial artist or musician is evidence how practice makes perfect!

I also recommend testing your safety under load and testing it not under load on a regular basis.

Testing under load is obvious, but testing not under load is also important. If your kite acts up and the lines go slack you may need to activate your safety to avoid the kite suddenly powering up.

Be safe, wear a helmet and have fun!



Addition from Ivel

You need be so comfortable with your release that it's just muscle memory and you don't even have to think about releasing the kite.

I test mine every time before I go out. It also ensures that you don't have sand or other junk jamming it up.

Also when borrowing a new bar/kite for sure take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rigging. It's much easier to sit on the beach for an extra minute and check over everything than to be on the water and have to search for the quick release when shit happens.

I find the push release like Naish, North, Cabrinha etc. good, they even work with no line tension as you create tension between yourself and the release - and they can be used with any hand. Just grab and push is all you have to do.