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Brand: Blade


  • 126x39
  • 132x40
  • 137x42


Using a newly developed lightweight and resilient wood core, the 2008 Blade Scalper Board has all the necessary features to make your riding experience rewarding and unforgettable. The design is specifically engineered to ensure that riders of all sizes and experience levels will be able to control the speed and direction of the board with ease. The FlexTips design generates a massive pop with the Scalper's firm center and flexible tips. In addition, the reinforced bottom promotes maximum planing while maintaining a fixed water grip even in lighter wind. The Scalper Board is unbelievably steady and will absorb the shock from waves and chops providing a reliable ride in unreliable situations.


FlexTips Design

The advanced board design features a rigid middle area and flexible outline which enhances jumps by providing a precise pop and a secure landing.

Reinforced Bottom

The exclusive technology applied to the underside of the Blade Boards distributes power evenly throughout the board and provides shock absorption for waves and chops.

Easy Edge

Riders will be able to easily control the edge and speed even in the most challenging conditions.

Innovative Production Material

The tough wood core and protective surface coating protect the board throughout rough riding sessions and destructive outdoor elements.

Wider Sizes

The precisely tuned sizes for the 2008 line achieve the ideal ratio to outperform even in lighter winds while maintaining a broad and comfortable stance.



Scalper 2008 blackred top (Small).jpg

Scalper 2008 blackyellowtop (Small).jpg

Scalper 2008 blackred bottom (Small).jpg



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