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How to self land your kite.

How To

Attaching Weight

An even safer way to self land is to attach your chicken loop to a solid object (life guard chair, fence, tree, etc) or if there is nothing you can use a sand screw or sand bag.

1. plan where you will land before you go out

2. when you come in depower the kite and bring the kite down to the edge of the window

3. remove the chicken loop from your harness and hook it on to a carabiner attached to the sand screw or object.

4. go quickly to your kite and set it down properly with the middle of the LE facing into the wind.


1. Some kiters use this to show off and endanger others, even when others could assist.

2. I use it when alone in lower winds and NO ONE downwind on a sandy sideshore beach.

3. It can go very very wrong, even for the most advanced kiters. Maybe only once in 50.

4. It is always a danger to anyone downwind.

5. Hard landings may get a shell hole in your leading edge.



Self Landing

Self Launching and Landing

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