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Brand: Naish



Double Depower


Double Depower PDF

Double Depower PDF




Trim Tips

Double Depower

The Shift System is Naish’s industry leading five line system for C-shape kites. It is a proven system that stabilizes the arc of the kite, provides an easy way to relaunch the kite, and is the most complete safety system.

For 2007, Naish’s Shift System can also come equipped with the all new Double Depower option. The patent pending Double Depower system allows the rider to actively engage the Shift line to achieve a whole new level of depower. Below are some tips to help you understand the simplicity of this new system and how to activate it.

Shift System 2007 1.png

The control and feel of the kite remains exactly the same as if you were riding a standard Shift System equipted kite, until you really need depower. A ball located 27 cm up the trim line is the key to activating the system. Any bar movement below this point will have identical steering and depower capabilities to a standard Shift System equipped kite.

It is when the control bar hits the ball that the Shift line becomes activated and the Double Depower system is engaged. The control bar pushes on the ball which pulls on the Shift line.

This simple and clean system can increase the wind range on any five line kite.

Photo 1: Bar engaging Double Depower System.

Shift System 2007 2.png

Photo 2: This image shows the kite under normal line tension.

Shift System 2007 3.png

Photo 3: This image shows the kite with the Double Depower System pulling on the Shift line. Now the kite is being pulled from the middle of the leading edge for maximum depower.

Shift System 2007 4.png

Photo 4: Under normal riding and jumping situations, the bar can rest against the ball. This is ideal for one-handed or no-handed jumping and riding.

Shift System 2007 5.png

Photo 5: In extremely overpowered situations, it becomes easier to engage the system, because all that is needed is to push the bar into the ball.

Shift System 2007 6.png