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Brand: Naish



Your new Shift System or four line bar are plug and play devices. They come completely assembled and ready to use.

These are diagrams of the Shift System and descriptions of each line and its function.

  • A. 2008 Control Bar
  • B. Shift Leash with Quick Release
  • C. Shift Leash attachment loop
  • D. Rotating Chicken Finger
  • E. Quick Release Trim Loop (QRTL)
  • F. Fixed Point on QRTL
  • G. Left Red Steering line - Attach to Red Pig Tail on trailing edge of kite
  • H. Right Blue Steering Line - Attach to Blue Pig Tail on trailing edge of kite
  • I. Shift Line - Red Spectra Line
  • J. Shift Line Red Bungee - note two loops with White Control line passing through
  • K. Shift Line (yellow)
  • L. Center line starts at trim strap and creates a Y connection with Pig Tails
  • M. Y Connector with Pig Tails for Grey Control lines to attach to
  • N. Grey Control Lines - Attach to leading edge of kite
  • O. Shift Extension Line - This line is length dependent for each kite size
  • P. Pull Pull Trim Strap

Shift System 2008 3.png Shift System 2008 5.png

Shift System 2008 2.png Shift System 2008 6.png

Double Depower System

Naish’s Shift System has the option of coming equipped with the Double Depower system. The Double Depower system provides increased depower while maintaining an identical feel in your bar system. In the mid and lower part of the range, the power in your bar will be consistent to how you’re used to riding. At the top of the trimline, the bar will push on the ball and that will pull on the Shift line. This will dramatically change the kite’s angle of attack and give you a new level of depower.

Always check to make sure that the red ball and the lines around it are not tangled in any way and are in clean working order.

Shift System 2008 1.png

  • A. Red Ball Attached to Shift Line
  • B. Pull, Pull Adjustment Strap for Double Depower
  • C. Shift Safety Line


Smartloop 2008 Retro Kite Installation

Smartloop 2008 Retro Kite Installation




Trim Tips

Rusting Bolts

If you ride in salt water, watch for any signs of rust on the two little hex bolts. They are located under the red plastic on the chicken loop release. I have replaced six rusted bolts, with new bolts compliments of my local Naish shop. Two were already broken, three snapped under the wrench, and one unscrewed ok.

To check yours, open the release and push the red cover all the way up. I packed the replacement bolts with grease and I now rinse my bars in fresh water every night.

Smartloop Steel 1.jpg

Smartloop Steel 2.jpg