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Brand: Nobile


  • 127x38
  • 130x40
  • 133x42


Introduced in 2006, Shinn boards set new levels in both technology and finish.

Designed to ride the way I do, these boards are all about comfort, performance and above all versatility. I don’t want to have separate boards for every occasion, I like to have one board that can do it all, freestyle, small waves, big air, light winds, strong winds whatever. If you don’t like to follow the crowd and want a board that gives you both endless possibilities and the chance to be different then a Shinn board may well be your thing.

For 2007 we’ve increased the overall flex in the boards and made changes to both the outline and rocker. The mold features the same Dual Flex Control that allows for greater range both in light wind and when powered up whilst the graphics and finish maintain the high standards set in 2006.

For 2007 I’ve added a new larger size. All the elements we improved upon this year have improved the control to the point where larger boards are not only possible but also great fun to ride. Only a year ago a board of 42cms wide seemed impossibly big but if you’re a heavier rider or like to ride with less power than others you need to try one out to see just how much control it offers.



Shinn 2007 1.png

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