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Brand: Naish


  • 20"
  • 22"


The Shockbar is the control bar leading the industry in quality and refinements for the new generation of “SLE kites”. The pulley system gives you a double purchase which allows for a greater amount of depower in the same amount of bar movement. A specially designed adjustable Stopperball, and bridles on the kite, make the “SLE kite” versatile and user friendly.


  • The Shockbar comes with exchangeable Stopperballs with different release forces. The easily release Stopperball 10 (red) is ideal for beginners. The medium release Stopperball 35 (orange) allows you to rest your bar while riding. This is for expert riders only. The Stopperballs have a flat top for easy reloading. Each

Shockbar comes with an extra set of Stopperballs.

  • A full neoprene cover for the trim strap makes tangles less likely
  • Clean connection of the flying lines to leader lines for better stearing of your kite after a kite loop
  • The adjuster strap extensions have easy to grab “T” handles
  • A rotating Chicken Finger, with a fiberglass batten inside, allows for two styles of riding: use it to keep yourself locked in or rotate it out of the way to hook in and out
  • Line Lenght: 20m


  • The control bar has the ability to push past the Stopperball to access more depower. This is the first thing to do if the wind increases significantly or if you accidentally fly your kite through the power zone
  • The “last chance release” is the Quick Release Trim Loop in case of an extreme emergency
  • A Leash and Kill Kite Handle will be available as a spare part by mid February ’06


- Ronstan pulley for smooth action - High strength swivel to keep your lines from twisting - Highest quality Cousin Ultimate® color coated flying lines - “Pull Pull” adjuster strap with extensions for easy adjustments - Plug and play system: just connect your lines and ride - Bar bag to keep your gear organized - Hang tags and warnings to explain functions

The new Shockbar is a plug and play device; it comes completely assembled and ready to use. Below is a diagram of the system and descriptions of each line and its function.

  • A. Left red leader line
  • B. Right blue leader line
  • C. Swivel
  • D. Safety handle
  • E. Pull Pull Adjuster Strap with extensions
  • F. Push through stopper
  • G. Quick Release Trim Loop with Chicken Finger
  • H. Kite
  • I. Bridle
  • J. Back line attachment points
  • K. Front line attachment points
  • L. Left red Steering line
  • M. Front grey control line
  • N. Right blue steering line

Shockbar 2006 1.png Shockbar 2006 2.png


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


Shockbar 2006 3.png

Shockbar 2006 4.png

Shockbar 2006 5.png



Trim Tips

  • Make sure the front lines have no twists when you connect them. There is a small black tab on the right front flying line and on the right front connector that should be matched up
  • The kite is designed to use the higher knot on the front line connectors
  • The kite is delivered with the trim strap pulled down half way for a comfortable setting
  • If you change the male part of your Stopperball, tighten both sides evenly and do not overtighten the screws
  • We recommend launching your Shockwave with the Stopperball released