Sidewinder 2005

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Brand: Airush


  • 128x38
  • 145x42


Riders around the world are re-discovering the efficiency of boards that are optimised to go backwards extremely well, and forwards even better. Our Sidewinders are a well thought-out range that redefines the stubby / mutant board style.

Key benefits are brilliant upwind drive, enormous power range and a smooth, rail to rail carving feel. 3D-shaped rails ensure stability under load without the 'locked in' feel of traditional mutants.

With ultra-thin, flexy, composite PVC construction, both sizes can take a beating and appeal to intermediates with waveriding ambitions to advanced pro-riders demanding serious wave performance, plus twin-tip trickery potential at all times.

The 128 comes with four assymetric CAD fins while the 148 enjoys a powerful six-fin configuration.


  • X-Link LT Construction
  • Asymmetric rocker
  • Hand shaped rails
  • G-10 Fins
  • Slider-proof bottom
  • Polished gel coat deck *
  • Shaped hand grips
  • Anti-Slip
  • Contoured pads
  • Symmetric Straps
  • Multiple Footstrap positions
  • Inserts for centre handle



Bd sidewinder 2005.jpg



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