Sigma 2008

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Brand: Advance


  • 149x40


The Sigma board has the same construction of the Omega (wood core) and is also totally hand made with wave riding in mind. It is a directional board but thanks to the front fins it can be used like a twin tip. Thanks to the large decking pad you can use it strapless for the ultimate wave riding, also great fun for those light wind days.

  • Directional/Twin Tip Surf
  • Full Wood Construction
  • Totally Hand Made
  • Available in sizes: 149x40
  • Complete with Full Pads with kicker for strapped and strapless riding, 3 surf fins, 2 asymmetrical TT fins and adjustable straps



Advance Sigma 2008 1.jpeg

Advance Sigma 2008 2.jpg

Advance Sigma 2008 3.jpeg

Advance Sigma 2008 4.jpeg



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