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Silvester Ruckdaeschel


My twin-sister Sharon and I were born on the 24th of January 1988 in the “Harlachinger Krankenhaus” in Munich. My father, trendsetter, world traveller and political activist, would soon put Sharon and me on his skateboard as often as possible, “generating a feeling for balance” as he likes to recall it.

When my mom, my sister and I moved to Marbella (Spain) at the change of the millennium I spend most of my free time on the skateboard. But 2 years later, in 2002, I discovered a new sport, kiteboarding. It soon became my passion and I started to dedicate more time into developing my own style on the water than into studying for school, until finally saying Goodbye to “traditional” school after the German 10th grade. Since then I travel the world with my distance-schoolbooks in the the backpack.

I won several national titles since then, but I’ve never considered myself as a competitor, I’ve always preferred to go my own way, have as much fun as possible and make my sponsors happy through print and screen coverage.

This year I got into riding bindings. I’ve always been inspired and impressed by the videos of the Maui crew, Moe, Dre, etc. throwing down on boots with more style than I’ve ever seen in the European competitions. So I rode them for a fotoshoot and then kept riding them, because it felt more natural to me. It has thrown my competition riding behind a bit, but I really like how my style developed this year and I’m enjoying my time on the water more than ever.

Currently, I’m busy filming a kitemovie together with Alvaro Onieva and Alex Pastor, studying for my final exams of the “Abitur” the end of this year, traveling the world and enjoying every single second of my life. To be continued…


24. January 1988

Kiting Since


Pro Rider Period

Since 2005

Favorite Style

Wakestyle in bindings

Local Beach

Heaven's, Estepona, Spain

Favorite Beaches

Current Sponsors

  • Liquid Force

Former Sponsors

  • F-One



  • 7th Freestyle PKRA France


  • 2nd Spanish Championship
  • 20th Freestyle PKRA World Tour
  • 9th Freestyle PKRA Germany
  • 17th Freestyle PKRA Fuerteventura
  • 9th Freestyle PKRA Tarifa
  • 25th Freestyle PKRA Italy
  • 13th Freestyle PKRA Venezuela


  • 13th Freestyle PKRA Portugal
  • 17th Freestyle PKRA Belgium
  • 25th Freestyle PKRA Venezuela


  • 1st Freestyle German Championship


  • 1st Freestyle Junior German Championship



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