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Brand: Nobile


  • 130x50.5


How many times have you driven to your local spot only to find the wind just not quite enough to ride?

Want to kite in winds as light as 6 to 7 knots, but not just ride for the sake of it; want to really have fun in conditions that would otherwise be a drag?

Conventional skim boards offer incredible light wind performance but can be a handful if the water is choppy and are just not designed with kiting in mind. This board has been designed for kiting with the specific needs and demands of kiting taken into consideration.

Built with a PVC core and Duraclear high resistance top sheet to withstand the rigors of strapless riding, the outline has been heavily modified compared to a conventional skimboard to enable better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a loose riding sensation. The supplied fins optimize upwind performance, improve pop and increase the ease of riding. Riding without fins gives a much “skatier” feeling and allows riding in the shallow water normally associated with skim board use. The rocker and rails hold a large portion of the secret to the incredible light wind performance of this board but still maintain control when the wind picks up. Carefully worked deck moldings incorporate flush mounted footpads (for comfort and grip) and grab rails to make holding the board easier.

The question the wind in your spot good enough NOT to need one?

It's the practical equivalent of lightwind kiteboarding insurance.



SkimBoard 2006 1.png

SkimBoard 2006 2.png

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